Debbie Walery O’Brien

I have a passion for building and leading exceptional teams. During the past two decades, I’ve led communications and marketing teams for high growth technology companies including Snowflake, New Relic, ServiceNow, Informatica, SAP and Sun Microsystems. One of the most rewarding aspects of my career is building organizations where individuals grow in meaningful ways and advance their careers. I’m a big fan of all things Cal (Berkeley), where I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications, a minor in Business Administration and was a four-year letter winner on the volleyball team. 

Debbie Walery O'Brien

The Birch Tree 

What I love about birch trees is that there are amazing parallels to humans and the journey they all of us are on in our work and personal lives. Birchs change dramatically each season – from a small bud in the spring, to a green leaf that provides shade in the summer, to distinctive golden, red and orange colors in the fall and then in the winter they lose their leaves. At that point, the process of recreation starts all over. But one constant is the birch’s distinctive trunk, which stands sturdy and tall, much like each of us. Birch trees grow fast and are critical to their ecosystems. They thrive when planted in groups since they protect one another and generally grow together. They also nourish animals in the forest by producing fruits that reach around one million seeds a year.

May this year be a year of reinvention, growth and nourishment for you. 

Good News Marketing

Good News Marketing was created from the desire for each individual to discover their ikigai, do the work that brings them joy and spread good news around their fulfilling and meaningful lives. www.goodnewsmarketing.co is the place for leadership advice for the authentic you.

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